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Cosmo super100
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1. A spraygun that Utilizes the Drive of an Industry First Motor.       (A New Design for Practical Use)
Succeed in reducing the noise and vibration caused by the 100V high peformance motor and allowing ultra-fine liquid particles to jet out using the force of 8000rpm. This result makes possible the removal of stains without damaging the material.

2.The Adoption of a Ceramic Pump Section.
Pump durability based upon the adoption of ceramic ls markedly improved in comparison to that of former of existing metallic pumps.

3. Forced Exhaust Mechanism(registered patent)
Until now, drainage was stored in a bottle and had to be disposed of repeatedly; but by using this mechanism,a lot of wasted time and labor is cut down. Moreover,there is absolutely no worry concerning reverse flow to the motor.

4. Brake Mechanism(patent pending)
By means of mechanism,though only the operation of a control knob at the base of the gun, you can regulate the output of the motor.

5. Energy Output Regulator
By means of this mechanism,though only the operation of a control knob at the base of the gun,you can regulate the output of the motor.

6. Easy to Use for Even Small Volatile Solventes
Even if you are using small volatile solvents to do stain removal by,use of air power makes it easy to blow off leftover solvent and to facilitate volatilization. Also within hand,it has finally became possible to also regulate the alr flow amount.

7. Stain Removal Using Water
By using the process of air to dry moisture,it has finally become possible to remove stains using a water soluble supplementary solution plus water.

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Cosmo super100
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Cosmo Super 24(Air model)
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