Cosmo ultrasonic waves laboratory Ltd.:Ultrasonic waves washing equipment
Intraduction handing machine
        Intraduction handling machine
Intraduction handling machine

・The machine can spurts of liqued with a second in the 237 time with vibration.

・Haven't heat on the working space so colorless and useful for worker(Like a ultra sonic waves)

・Proper for wide spread remove stain.

・No liqued spring splash → operation get well.

・By using this machine reduce for leave remove stain.

・Plus super minute particle liqued jet with vibration that can remove stain.

pH Pen
Steam gun
Intraduction handling machine
New stain remover
Cosmo super 100 Air type

Cosmo super100
Cosmo super24X(Revised Edition)
Cosmo Super 24(Air model)
Cosmo super W
New clean mate dress

Quick stain
Remover series
Vacuum Pro

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